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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions, but we are always happy to address your needs directly. Feel free to give a call at (907) 987-4353 or email us at

Where can I get my fishing license?

Once you have arrived, they can be purchased online, at the lodge.

Can a person ride along on the fishing boat?

Because of the regulations on fishing days all our partnered charters policies are a person on the boat has to pay for a seat.

What age can children go fishing?

There is no age limit to fishing but because they are full days on the water and boats do not return back to port of origin until 4:00pm it is recommended that they are 10 and above

What happens if an activity is canceled because of weather?

Cove Peaks will do everything in its power to reschedule otherwise a full refund will be given for that activity.

Who do I contact if my flight is delayed?

Contact the lodge on the lodge phone or water taxi and pick up time will be changed.

How will I know my activities have been scheduled?

You will receive a confirmation on the days your activities have been scheduled.

Can I plan an activity on my check out day?

Yes, we can arrange to have your luggage stored at our Office and picked up after your activity.

Are the bugs bad at the lodge?

Alaska is predominately a wet, damp state, where mosquitos are present. The lodge does our best to control the mosquitos but, a good mosquito repellant is recommended.

What time do fishing trips leave from the lodge?

Typically lodge pickup is 7:30 a.m.
Return between 3:30 and 4:30m p.m.

What if I want to do a trip extension?

We encourage our guests to extend their adventure and will do everything in our power to accommodate, (lodging availability) advance notification recommended.

What do you recommend I bring with me?

Typical summer temperatures are on average 50-60 degrees with rain possible. We recommend warm comfortable clothes, comfortable hiking shoes, light jacket and good rain gear.

Are license fees included in the fishing price?


What is required for a fishing license?
  1. You must purchase a sport fishing license to fish anywhere in Alaska
  2. A sport fishing license is required for any person 16 years or older.
How do I schedule my activities?

After you book your stay at Cove Peaks, a representative from the lodge will call you to discuss personalizing your package to match your interests. After that call, we will start building a personalized activity schedule that will be the perfect vacation.

What is the weather like at Cove Peaks Lodge in the summer? What is the ocean temperature?

Due to its location on the ocean, Homer generally has very cool summers. The average high in the summer is between 55-65º F with lows between 45-50º. Summer water temperature of the ocean is between 40-50º F.

How many people can stay in the family suite?

The family suite has two private sleeping areas, each with their own queen beds. Additionally, there is a large sleeping with three beds (one full and two twins). There is one bathroom in the middle of the suite in addition to a common area. The family suite constitutes the entire top floor of our lodge building.

Are all the activities guided or can we do unguided activities?

The only activity that has to be guided is ocean fishing. All other activities can be either guided or unguided. Alaska is a tough and rugged terrain. If you are going to be engaged in unguided activities, we ask that you stay within your fitness and skill level for activities.

How do I get to Homer?

Generally, people get to Homer from the Lower 48 by one of three ways: (1) fly into Anchorage and get a connecting flight to Homer on Ravn Airlines ($300-500 per person round trip from Anchorage); (2) fly into Anchorage and rent a car and drive to Homer on the scenic Seward and Sterling Highways (about 4 hour trip); or (3) fly into Anchorage and get transported in the Cove Peaks Lodge shuttle (cost of shuttle is $600 – round trip). Our shuttle can carry up to seven guests and the cost is a flat fee regardless of the number of passengers. If more than one group of passengers is taking the shuttle at the same time, the cost will be divided evenly between the groups.

How many people can stay in a cabin?

Each condo has three beds and a maximum of 4. On the lower level, there is a queen size bed and each condo also has a loft with a sleeping area with two twin beds. If you need a fourth bed, we have roll-away beds and cots that can be used.

I have special dietary restrictions, is your lodge able to accommodate?

Yes, our chef is trained to accommodate most dietary restrictions and allergies. It is important that these restrictions are communicated to Cove Peaks as early as possible.

What does the menu look like and when are meals served?

On most days, we will have a breakfast spread that will start around 6:00 am and run until about 8:30 am. Generally, lunch will be a packed lunch so that our guests can have their meals with them as they engage in their specific activities.

Dinner is generally served starting at 5:30 pm. Guests will be usually be provided two entrée choices with a number of sides.

Our chefs try to integrate as much of local-sourced food choices as possible. At your request (and consistent with state regulations), our chef can also integrate the fish that you catch at our lodge during your stay. We will keep an updated menu on our web page and frequently post pictures of our entrées on our Cove Peaks Facebook page.

Will I have Internet or cell phone access at Cove Peaks Lodge?

Cove Peaks Lodge is set up with free high-speed Wifi access throughout the facility. There is a large TV in the main room in the lodge that has satellite programming. There are no TV’s in the condos or in the family suite. There is 3G cell coverage at Cove Peaks Lodge.

I need to check out a day early, can I do that?

We will do our best to accommodate an early check-out. If you need an early check-out, please discuss these arrangements with our staff prior to booking your stay.

I have a physical disability, is Cove Peaks able to accommodate?

We will do our best to accommodate any physical limitations we can, but Cove Peaks wants to emphasize that our lodge is very remote and has limited accessibility. If you require physical accommodations for a disability, please call our lodge prior to booking to make sure that we have the ability accommodate.

I have a physical condition that requires me to be close to a doctor or medical facility, should I stay at Cove Peaks?

At a minimum, you will be 45-60 minutes away from the nearest medical personnel and/or hospital. Depending on the time of day, it may be 6-8 hours before you can get access to medical resources in Homer. If there are specific questions about medical needs, please contact Cove Peaks Lodge prior to booking.

Should I bring my children?

While we do not prohibit bringing children to Cove Peaks Lodge, it is important to remember the environment where the lodge is located. We do not recommend leaving children unattended outdoors. As our lodge is adjacent to Kachemak State Park, we have a large wildlife population in our back yard, including brown and black bears, moose, wolves, and wolverines. These animals are not generally accustomed to human interaction and can be very dangerous for adults and children.

We do not have a general rate for children, but we can adjust rates for children under 12 on a case-by-case basis. Please call us prior to booking to discuss specifics.

Can I bring my pets to Cove Peaks Lodge?

As with children, Cove Peaks Lodge can be a dangerous place for pets. Additionally, we do not have any kennels or other places to keep pets outside during your stay. Our indoor facilities are pet-free. For these reasons, we ask that you keep your pets at home. If you have a service animal, please contact us to discuss special accommodations.

I want to bring my own food (or arrange my own activities), can I get a discounted rate?

The only rate offered by Cove Peaks Lodge is our fully integrated package. Outside of peak season (which runs from May 1 – September 15), we do offer discounted limited services packages. Please call Cove Peaks Lodge if you have questions about off-season stays.

When is check in and check out?

Guests staying with us for 6 days will start checking in between 2:00 pm and 8:00 pm on Sunday afternoon. Check-in location is our office in Homer (3361 Lampert Loop, Homer, AK 99603). Guests can check in between 2:00 and 8:00 on Sunday. Generally, there will be a boat heading over to the lodge around 3:00 and a second boat around 8:00.

Guests staying with us for 3 days will check in between 2:00 pm and 8:00 pm on Sunday and Wednesday afternoon. Check-in location is our office in Homer.

Guests will need to be checked out of their rooms by 11:00 am on the date of their departure. If guests have activities on the day of departure, luggage can be stored at the office building.

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